Joined Up Writing Ep 14 – Characterisation

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This week’s extended episode sees us getting in to character. How do you build a character? Do you start with the plot and work backwards or do you let your character take control? How much back story do you create for your character?

We look at some of the different techniques available to writers to help them flesh out their creations including the inspired method used by Eleanor Musgrove, who lets her characters loose in Sims 4!

How do YOU create your characters? Do you know what they look like, sound like and act like before you start to write your story, or just let instinct take over? Let us know.

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About Wayne

Editor and Soundman for MGL Media (@mglmedia) and currently completing debut novel 'Safe Hands'. Love Writing and hosting The Joined Up Writing Podcast. Follow @MrKelly2u or @jupodcast on Twitter and say hello.
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3 Responses to Joined Up Writing Ep 14 – Characterisation

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  2. Patsy says:

    I take my character for a walk or day out. Where I go, they go – and I look out for the things they notice, watch how they react to different situations. Even little things such as spotting someone else drop litter can say a lot. Do they even notice, do they pick it up themselves, hunt down the litter bug, get angry, blame the government …?


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