How to deal with bad reviews – Joined Up Writing Episode 22

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You may have seen the recent hoo-hah surrounding author, Dylan Saccoccio’s reaction to a negative review on Goodreads. If not, here’s a link to the page. Unfortunately for the author, it has had a huge negative impact on his rating and standing in the Goodreads community. Fortunately, for us, it does provide a textbook example of how NOT to deal with bad reviews of your work.

How do you deal with negative reviews? Do you try to engage with dissatisfied readers? Do you even read your Goodreads reviews? Let us know in the comments – we promise not to take any negative comments to heart!

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One Response to How to deal with bad reviews – Joined Up Writing Episode 22

  1. I haven’t had too many reviews on my first book (a chapbook of poetry). I did recently get one that wasn’t necessarily *bad*, but wasn’t really great either. Turned out the reader just didn’t care for the style of poetry that I write, felt shut out by it, rather than pulled in. I liked her comment on goodreads, but I didn’t respond otherwise. Everyone is entitled to their own tastes, and if she doesn’t care much for how I write, that’s OK.

    I did LEAVE a not-so-great review recently. I tried, desperately, to get through a chick-lit book that I’d gotten as a gift. I couldn’t do it. The author tended to over describe, using similes within similes within similes, and I had to read them six times just to figure out that all she was trying to say was that the character was hot, as she lived in Phoenix. I just couldn’t get through it. Other reviews mentioned the same thing, but it maintains an almost 4 star rating. To each his own!


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