BritCrime Preview with Helen Smith – Joined Up Writing Episode 23


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This week we talk to author, Helen Smith about her brand new online Crime Fiction festival, BritCrime, which runs from July 11th to 13th and features more than 40 Crime Authors, online panels, inside knowledge, book giveaways and opportunities for aspiring writers too. Check out the BritCrime hashtag, follow on Twitter and scoot over to the website for more info.

As well as BritCrime, we chat to Helen about her own work, her ‘beginner’s luck’ and her biggest achievement as winner of a Literary Deathmatch!

This week’s NEWSBITS came courtesy of Maya Chowdury, #Writingchat, Katie Sone at WriteAway Arts and E S Moxon. Send us your projects and events and get a free plug on the show.

Look out for next week’s BritCrime special, when we chat to crime author, MJ McGrath.

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