Beating Self-Doubt as a Writer – Joined Up Writing #34

Wayne and Leah talk about the dreaded Self-Doubt that can kill your writing and stop your creativity dead in it’s tracks. Those nagging doubts and niggling voices can really affect our productivity and our mental well-being.

We discuss some mental tricks and techniques that we have found useful to banish those demons – at least temporarily anyway!

Surrounding yourself with the right people, pushing on with your first draft and remembering that you are only ever competing with yourself are all great ways to stay positive and get the work done.

What are YOUR hints and tips for dealing with self-doubt? Let us know in the comments or tweet us your ideas.

Tweets of the week came courtesy of Darlene Foster with a blog about ‘Making your scenes earn their way’ and Torre DeRoche with a link to a Huffington Post piece called ‘Dear Self-Published Author – DO NOT Write 4 Books a Year!’

Also, apologies, we did have some technical issues with the audio later on in the show, but hopefully it won’t spoil your enjoyment too much and rest assured all will be back to normal next week.

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About Wayne

Editor and Soundman for MGL Media (@mglmedia) and currently completing debut novel 'Safe Hands'. Love Writing and hosting The Joined Up Writing Podcast. Follow @MrKelly2u or @jupodcast on Twitter and say hello.
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3 Responses to Beating Self-Doubt as a Writer – Joined Up Writing #34

  1. Great episode, very helpful.
    I’ve thought about your question – Do I want to see ‘The Joined Up Podcast’ dropping down to twice monthly?

    No, because I’m greedy, and I like my ‘Joined Up Writing’ fix! And no, because as a writer I know how time poor we all are, and I want you guys to get on with your own words.
    So ultimately, I’ll say. Happy to drop down to two podcasts a month, and I’ll look forward to them even more.

    What I’d like to hear in the future?

    More about the different genres. Especially crime, urban fantasy, horror, and science fiction. But that’s just me feeding my addiction.
    Maybe even a workshop episode on a theme.
    A simple challenge?
    Fifty word flash? You could then maybe read out a few the following episode.
    A panel of writerly types (a good one for Christmas maybe)

    Anyway. I must go write!

    Thank you, for providing ‘Joined Up Writing’ in the first place, always informative, and often funny, and of course great to hear your many and varied guests tell about their experiences along the writing road.

    Thank you both!


  2. Oops! That second ‘no’ should be a ‘yes’ because as a writer I know how time poor we all are…


    • Wayne says:

      Hi Maria.
      Thanks for the kind words and comments – some great suggestions for future shows too. Always up for more genre authors on the podcast and Science Fiction, in particular, is something we haven’t really touched.


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