Writing POVs – First, Second or Third? – Joined Up Writing#35

Writing POVs – what are they and which should you use? That’s this week’s topic of conversation as Leah and Wayne chat about first, second and third person points of view.

From the ‘I’ narrator of first person, through the ‘You’ of second and on to ‘He/She/It’ in third, we discuss the different approaches we can take with our fiction. We discussed the pros and cons of each style, throwing up a couple of examples along the way so that you can be aware of some of the pitfalls you need to consider.

Which POV do you favour and why? Do you have a preference when you’re reading?

Tweets of the week came courtesy of @Writingforward with 23 Fiction Writing Ideas That Will Revitalize Your Story and Angela Ackerman’s post Mastering Words:Ways to Evolve as a Writer. Check them out – both very useful articles.

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About Wayne

Editor and Soundman for MGL Media (@mglmedia) and currently completing debut novel 'Safe Hands'. Love Writing and hosting The Joined Up Writing Podcast. Follow @MrKelly2u or @jupodcast on Twitter and say hello.
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