Nanowrimo Special TMT Part 5 -Editing Your Novel

So, another Nanowrimo finishes and hopefully you are sitting there with at least 50,000 words of a new manuscript. Maybe you didn’t quite hit 50k –  it doesn’t matter. You’ve got the beginnings of a new book and now it’s about making sure you capitalise on all that hard work.

First things first. Print out the novel and put it away in a drawer. Don’t read it! Not yet. It’s too fresh in the mind, too emotionally charged and looking at it now won’t do you any good. I mean it – lock it out of sight for at least two weeks – maybe more.

Ok. After that you can take it out, brace yourself and have a read. Be prepared. Most of it will be terrible.  Some of it will show flashes of your creative genius, but all of it will need to be edited, tweaked, shaped, re-ordered, re-drafted and polished. What you have in your hands is NOT a novel, but one day it can and will be – IF you put in the time with the red pen and edit it to within an inch of it’s life.

Don’t be daunted. Buy a book like Roz Morris’ Nail Your Novel to help you and use the power of Scrivener to get things in to shape and then tell us all about your wonderful Nanowrimo successes. Ready to do it all again next year?!


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Editor and Soundman for MGL Media (@mglmedia) and currently completing debut novel 'Safe Hands'. Love Writing and hosting The Joined Up Writing Podcast. Follow @MrKelly2u or @jupodcast on Twitter and say hello.
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