BONUS! Thriller Writer Kate Medina – Joined Up Epilogue#66

Yes, it’s the Epilogue, our bonus inbetween episodes, little quick listens containing an extra question or topic not covered in the original interview. This week it’s the turn of Thriller writer, Kate Medina. If you missed it, you can find her full interview here or, even better, subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever else you get your podcasts to get a new episode downloaded automatically every week.

In today’s episode, I talk to Kate about creating strong female characters in her work and about her character creation process in general.

Before turning to writing full time, Kate spent five years in the Territorial Army.  She also worked in publishing as Managing Editor, Land Based Weapon Systems, at Jane’s Information Group, where she was responsible for providing information on small arms, armour, artillery and land mines to global militaries.

She has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and her debut novel, White Crocodile, set in the land mine fields of Cambodia received widespread critical acclaim, as did Fire Damage and Scared to Death, the first and second books in the Dr Jessie Flynn, clinical psychologist, series.

Check out Kate’s website here and follow her on Twitter @KateTMedina

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