Richard Rippon on Writing Serial Killers – Joined UP#71

It’s episode 71 – with Thriller writer, Richard Rippon. We’ve got another review in Book Blogger’s Corner from one of our regular bloggers, BiblioManiac, Katherine Sunderland. We’ve also got a new occasional feature I’m trying called ‘Listener Spotlight’ where I shine a light on one of our listener’s and their most recent writing project.

Richard Rippon has been writing since 2007, when his short story, “Full Tilt,” was long-listed for a Criminal Shorts award. In 2009, he won a New Writing North Award for his first novel, “The Kebab King.” Which was independently published and you can find on Amazon. Since then he’s had a number of short stories published in newspapers, magazines and articles, before publishing his most recent novel Lord Of The Dead with friends of the show Obliterati Press. I’ve read the book and loved it and it was great to chat to Richard.

Gail Aldwin is the subject of our ‘Listener Spotlight’ today. Settled in Dorset since 2006, Gail has lived in many different places including Outback Australia, Papua New Guinea and Northern Spain. She has a background in teaching, and delivers creative writing workshops to young people and adults in community settings. In 2018, she accepted a post as visiting tutor with Arts University Bournemouth working on the Creative Writing BA. Gail is also Chair of the Dorset Writers Network.

She is a prize-winning writer of flash fiction, short stories, and poetry. Her work can be found online at Ink, Sweat & Tears and Slamchop and in print anthologies including Flash Fiction Festival One, Gli-ter-ary and The Last Word.

Gail’s latest project is Paisley Shirt – a collection of short that fiction brings together stories that have been published online and in print anthologies. It contains 27 fascinating stories that reveal the extraordinary nature of people and places. The Kindle Edition can be purchased from Amazon. The paperback will be launched soon. Follow Gail on Twitter @GailAldwin and read her blog here.

Today’s Book Blogger’s Corner came courtesy of Katherine Sunderland over at reviewing Elmet by Fiona Mozley. Follow Katherine on twitter @KatherineSunde3 and check out her blog here too.

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