Indie Publishers and Small Presses – Obliterati Press – Joined Up#75

It’s episode 75 and today I’m talking to friends of the show, Nathan O’Hagan and MW Leeming about small presses and in particular, their very own – Obliterati Press. I’ve also got a new review from Bibliomaniac, Katherine Sunderland in Book Blogger’s Corner and another Listener’s Spotlight featuring Elisabeth Downing Potts.

After spending most of his teens and twenties in various unsuccessful bands, Nathan turned his hand to writing.  In 2013 he self published a short fiction collection, “Purge”. A year later his first completed novel, “The World Is (Not) A Cold Dead Place” was published by Armley Press, followed in 2017 with Out Of The City.  Following a career in Criminal Law, MW Leeming pursued one of his many creative pursuits – Writing. As well as having self-published a number of collections and novellas, Wayne is also traditionally published with Armley Press who put out his vigilante revenge thriller, Justice Is Served. It was meeting through Armley that led to Nathan and Wayne forming Obliterati Press in 2017, with their debut release Lord Of The Dead from recent guest, Richard Rippon. As ever, it was great fun to chat to them.

I also highly recommend their most recent release – The Baggage Carousel by Dave Olner.

Find out more about Obilterati Press here and follow Nathan on Twitter here and MW Leeming Tweets here.

Today’s Book Blogger’s Corner comes courtesy of Katherine Sunderland over at reviewing The Other Woman by Sandie Jones Follow Katherine on twitter @KatherineSunde3 and check out her blog here too.

This week it’s one of our American listeners, Elisabeth Downing Potts and her debut novel, Berkeley Girl.

Berkeley Girl follows MaryBeth on her path of self-discovery from a  small, quiet L.A. college to the tumultuous campus of U.C. Berkeley in 1967. Through a twisted path of love affairs, student protests, a friend’s sad return from Vietnam and her boyfriend’s obsession with the draft resistance movement, MaryBeth searches for her own place in the world.

Through a haze of drugs, rock and roll, and rioting in the streets, MaryBeth Malone never stops asking herself the most important question of her life — Where do I belong?

Elisabeth has been writing short stories for as long as she can remember. She was raised in San Diego, but it was her experience at U.C. Berkeley in the late 60’s that led to her becoming involved in the anti-war movement. She remained in the Bay Area for many years, where she worked as a high school English teacher and now resides in Santa Cruz, CA, with her husband, David. She’s currently working on her second novel, that takes place during the American Sanctuary Movement in the 1980’s.

The book has some great reviews, so check it out on Amazon.

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