Icelandic Noir with Quentin Bates – JoinedUp#87

Episode 87 brings us a chat with Quentin Bates, creator of the atmospheric Icelandic crime series centered around his heroine Officer Gunnhildur. Quentin’s got an interesting story to tell about how he came to writing and how he found himself in Iceland in the first place.

Quentin is the author of six crime fiction novels and the translator of Ragnar Jónasson and Lilja Sigurðardóttir novels. He’s also the co-founder of the crime writing festival Iceland Noir and is one of the very few British authors who has a deep understanding of Iceland, having been married to an Icelandic woman for 30 years and spending nearly a decade living there. His latest book, Cold Breath is released on October 11th 2018 and is part of his Officer Gunnhildur series.

Find out more about Quentin and his work at and follow him on Twitter @Graskeggur.

This week’s Book Blogger’s corner comes from Emma Rose Hollands and her review of ‘Of Things Gone Astray’ by Janina Matthewson. You can find more of Emma’s reviews and blogs at and follow her on Twitter @ERHollands.

There’s also an update on my own writing, a great question from Wyatt R Smith on Editing and some updates on new content coming to the show.

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