KEEP WRITING UNTIL IT’S GOOD with Christopher Fowler – Joined Up#133


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It’s episode 133 with Christopher Fowler, author of the long-running Bryant and May Mystery series as well as loads of other books across multiple genres. Chris has decades of experience and lots to say about the Bryant and May universe he’s created and the real life origins of the Peculiar Crimes Unit as well as giving an insight into his process and career. It’s a fun and inspiring chat.

Christopher Fowler is the award-winning author of many novels and short story collections, and the Bryant & May mystery novels, which record the adventures of two Golden Age detectives investigating impossible London crimes. He’s a five-time British Fantasy Award-winner. His first thriller was the bestseller ‘Roofworld’ and subsequent novels have included ‘Spanky’, ‘Disturbia’, ‘Psychoville’ and ‘Calabash’. In fact, he’s written more than thirty nooks and his latest Bryant and May novel – Oranges and Lemons is out right now, everywhere you can get good books.

Here’s website is here and you can follow him on Twitter @Peculiar

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