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Host, Wayne Kelly

Established in 2014, The Joined Up Writing Podcast is a regular show for writers and readers alike. Hosted by new crime writer, Wayne Kelly, you can hear loads of great interviews with authors, editors, publishers and anyone else who can help and inspire you on your Writing or Reading journey. Our main episodes feature long-form interviews packed with fascinating stories and insight or a show focusing on a specific topic or technique. Our shorter ‘Epilogue’ shows are quick-hit ten minute episodes based on a bonus topic or question not included in the main interview.

Working as a Producer for MGL Media and Spoon Jar Films, Wayne’s background is in script writing, sound and video production. His debut crime novel, ‘Safe Hands’ is currently on submission, and work has begun on the sequel.

Follow the blog or find us on Twitter and tell us what you want to hear – this is your show and we want to tailor it to you. We also have some live, interactive shows planned in the coming months.

So, this is your little excuse to step away from the keyboard or notebook for a little while to grab some hints, tips or inspiration – whilst following Wayne’s own journey  to publication.

Check out the archive here and let’s get joined up!

13 Responses to The Joined Up Writing Podcast

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  2. Elisabeth J Potts says:

    Interesting guests and lots of good advice here for writers. I found the Tony Schumacher interview, Epilogue #69, on marketing, especially helpful.

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  3. Hi there!

    I am a literary fiction author whose debut novel was released as an ebook in December. It debuted on the best seller list and is still on that list as of this morning.

    The book was nominated for Lambda Literary and Golden Crown awards and I have been nominated as a Lambda Literary Emerging Author.

    The print editions of 143-LOVE, LOSS, AND OTHER CATASTROPHES will be released March 1st and I would like to schedule a book signing during the months of March or April at your location to support my publishers marketing efforts.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Stay awesome!

    Alicia Sophia

    About the book:

    Trade Paperback
    Trim 5×8
    ISBN 978-1-949398-15-1

    Hardcover w/dust jacket
    Trim 6×9
    ISBN 978-1-949398-16-8

    Distributed by Ingram Distribution Group

    Published by RhetAskew Publishing, (a division of Rhetoric Askew, LLC).


  4. Margaret says:

    Really enjoying this podcast. As an amateur writer, I am really learning a lot from the interesting interviews. And as a reader, this podcast has made my To Be Read List miles long!


    • Wayne says:

      Great to hear you’re enjoying the show Margaret. I know exactly what you mean with regards to reading list too! I keep discovering more fantastic authors and then have to dive into their back catalogues.


  5. David says:

    Thanks Wayne for such an excellent series. There’re days when I get up full of inspired ideas then have that first coffee, then trudge through the emails and social posts then stare at the blank page.
    Then there are times I listen to a few of these excellent broadcasts and just can’t wait to start typing on the next manuscript in my series of Cold War mystery thrillers

    Keep up the good work.


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    • Wayne says:

      Thanks a million for dropping by with such kind words David. What’s the name of the series and is it out in the world? Let me know and I’ll give it a mention on the show. Happy writing.


  6. Hi, I love your podcast. I have only just found it so I have lots to catch up on. I notice that your last episode was end of August. Are you taking a break or have you decided to finish the podcast after all this time?


  7. Hi, asking the same question as I did a couple of years ago. Are you planning on anymore episodes?


  8. Hi Wayne. It was great to meet you last Tuesday at Lutterworth Writers. You gave a very interesting and informative talk. I shall explore your fabulous Blog and Podcast fully soon. I look forward to reading more about you, your books, and your short stories.


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