The Joined Up Writing Podcast


The Joined Up Writing Podcast is a regular show for writers by writers. The brain child of Leah Osbourne and Wayne Kelly, it’s part informal chat, part regular features and guests.

Neither of us are quite on the best-seller lists (yet!) but we understand the pressures of trying to write great fiction with families, day jobs and all that other stuff we call ‘Real life’.

Follow the blog or find us on Twitter and tell us what you want to hear – this is your show and we want to tailor it to you. We also have some live, interactive shows planned in the coming months.

So, this is your little excuse to step away from the keyboard or notebook for a little while to grab some hints, tips or inspiration – or just laugh at two writers trying to find their way in the world of podcasting.

Take a look at the archive and listen for FREE

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