Scrivener Tips & Editing with Anne Rainbow – JU56


Author, Editor & Scrivener Guru, Anne Rainbow

It’s episode 56 and today’s guest is going to be giving us a great introduction to a piece of software that we are both huge fans of – Scrivener – as we get to chat to writer, editor and creator of the fantastic ScrivenerVirgin and RedPen blog, Anne Rainbow.

Anne began her writing career almost 40 years ago, writing several educational text books before becoming a teacher and freelance editor, and eventually setting up her own publishing services company. She moved onto fiction later on, found the joys of NanoWriMo and went on to write a great book called Editing The RedPen Way. More recently Anne created the brilliant ScrivenerVirgin blog, which we highly recommend you take a look at.

Anne is soon to launch her RedPen Mentoring scheme – you can find more details here.

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