Joined Up Writing – Episode 8 – Vampires and Horror with Daniel Ribot

In our first ‘in-person’ recording of the show (we usually record via Google Hangouts) we were lucky enough to be joined in the studio by writer, Daniel Ribot – author of Stalin-era vampire adventure ‘Vampsov 1938:A Spectre Haunting Europe’.

Dan talks about why he decided to give his book a female protagonist, why he thinks vampires have remained so popular in our culture, as well as giving some great insights in to his writing process.

You can find Dan on Twittter @Daniel_Ribot and check out his blog here.

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3 Responses to Joined Up Writing – Episode 8 – Vampires and Horror with Daniel Ribot

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  2. I enjoyed listening to this podcast, one of my favourite subjects, VAMPIRES! I’ve read VAMPSOV, and agree with Leah that the success of this book is that these vampires are monsters! Also, the soviet thing is different. Dan’s take on using your worst idea for a novel first, amused me too. Although I’ld like to rewrite my first novel one day, which incidentally also featured vampires. Don’t let anyone ever tell you they go out of fashion!
    As a serial panster, who is trying to reform, I’ve also learnt the hard way that you need a plan! Thank you for sharing.

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