Keep a Writing Journal – TMT#12

Keep a Writing Journal to increase your productivity and the quality of your prose.

A writing journal is just a simple way to keep track of what you write, how you write and when you write it. It can also fit nicely with the Pomodoro technique of giving yourself small blocks of time to write – literally setting a timer – because you can measure your progress and also discover more about your own creative process.

To keep a very basic journal, all you need to do is make a note of when you sit down to write, how long you wrote for and record your word count. If you want to add more long term value to it, you can also make a quick note of what it was you were writing – the nature of the scene, for example – and also how you felt about the session. Over time you will start to see patterns – when you work best and the type of scenes you enjoy writing for example.

And if you prefer, you can get an app for your phone like the brilliant Writing Journal that I use on my iPhone. You can even export the data to Excel, for all you spread sheet nerds out there. So today’s TMT is – get journaling because what gets measured, gets done!

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