Nathan O’Hagan Returns – Joined Up #57

Leah is going to be taking a bit of a break from co-hosting duties for a while, but I would encourage you to go and check out her Smut With Brains series over on YouTube.

Meanwhile,  it’s episode 57 and a bit of a relaunch of the show – complete with a new theme tune and everything.

Today’s guest is Nathan O’Hagan, returning to the show after chatting to us earlier in the year. Check out that episode here.

After spending most of his teens and twenties in various unsuccessful bands, Nathan eventually turned his hand to writing.  In 2013 he self published a short fiction collection, “Purge”. A year later his first completed novel, “The World Is (Not) A Cold Dead Place” was published by Armley Press. He’s also written a screenplay and another series of short stories which he may self publish in the future. He regularly writes features and reviews for the online fanzine God Is In The TV and his latest psychological thriller, Out Of The City is available on Amazon He’s recently started his own small press – Obliterati with fellow author and friend of the show, MW Leeming.

Follow Nathan on Twitter or check out his Facebook page here.

We have a new feature – The BBC (Book Bloggers Corner) – where a book blogger gives us a three minute book review. This week author and blogger, Aimee Brown reviewed ‘I Have Never’ by Camilla Isley. Aimee blogs over at but she also has her own author website where you can find details about the upcoming release of her own debut novel, Little Gray Dress and in fact, Aimee will be a guest on the show in a couple of weeks time, so look out for that.

We also made time for Tweets of The Week and would also ask you to look out for the new short bonus episodes – The Epilogue – in between the main shows.

Remember – this is YOUR SHOW so keep tweeting us, leave your comments below, check out our Facebook page and let’s get Joined Up!

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