Nathan o’Hagan Interview – Never Give Up Joined Up #50


It’s episode 50 – yes, a real landmark for us, our 50th full length episode, just over 2 years since we started this little podcast. We’ve had loads of fantastic guests along the way and today is no exception with novelist, Nathan O’Hagan joining us to talk to us about his upcoming book as well as his journey into writing and publication.

“If you gave up after the first hurdle, you’d never get anywhere.”

After spending most of his teens and twenties in various unsuccessful bands, Nathan eventually turned his hand to writing.  In 2013 he self published a short fiction collection, “Purge”. A year later his first completed novel, “The World Is (Not) A Cold Dead Place” was published by Armley Press. He’s also written a screenplay and another series of short stories which he may self publish in the future. He regularly writes features and reviews for the online fanzine God Is In The TV and he has a new crime novel on the way in February – Out Of The City – already out for pre-order.

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We also make time for our new feature, ‘What Ya Readin?’

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